Satellite Communication Systems – Design Principles (Second edition, 1999)



M. Richharia is an established technical author of repute and a highly experienced professional engineer holding in the past senior technical positions in International Mobile Satellite Organization and the Indian Space Research Organisation. He has lectured at Universities and various industrial courses internationally; published numerous technical papers; and authored two books on the subject. He was awarded the British Asian of the year award for Technology, 2003 by the Guild of British Asians for his contributions to this field. He is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the IET and IEEE. He is an independent consultant and the Managing Director of Knowledge Space Ltd.



This classic book in a soft cover has been read by thousands of professionals and students in universities and industrial courses throughout the world since its publication. It constitutes a major part of the forthcoming e-learning course on the subject.

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Book Description
Second Edition (1999),
Author: M.Richharia
Publisher: Macmillan Press Ltd, UK
ISBN 0-333-74722-4
Soft Cover

Intended for university students, practising engineers, technical managers and new entrants, this 484 page book, authored by a highly experienced professional, provides a comprehensive and systematic overview of concepts and methods used in satellite communication systems in an easily comprehensible style with examples of current systems elucidating a seamless integration of theory with practice. The topics include satellite orbits, radio communication links, modulation and coding, baseband signal and multiplexing techniques, multiple access methods, earth station design, communication satellites, concluding with a chapter on future trends. The book is replete with examples, references and formulas useful to a practising engineer. It features special sections on geostationary and non-geostationary constellations, i.e., the now well established, low and medium-orbit systems. The book is supported by the author’s website which includes a more detailed description of the book, an errata list, solutions to problems, relevant software, e-mail address for direct communication with the author, etc. Please visit this site for further details:


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