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KSpace-e-courses© are unavailable temporarily. The inconvenience is regretted. However, the courses will continue to be available to existing subscribers

The available books are:

  1. Satellite Communication Systems – Design Principles (Second edition)
  2. Mobile Satellite Communications – Principles and Trends (First edition)
  3. Satellites Systems for Personal Applications – Concepts and Technology

The KSpace-e-courses© – to be re-introduced shortly include:

  1. C-1: An introduction to Satellite Communication Systems
  2. C-2: Satellite orbits (Full set)
  3. C-2a: Satellite orbit fundamentals
  4. C-2b: Geostationary orbit
  5. C-2c: Non-geostationary constellations
  6. C-2d: Launching of satellites
  7. C-3: Spectrum management
  8. C-4: Radio Frequency Propagation

You can view a course demonstration on the following link. Please use a broadband connection for the best viewing experience. The Course Sample is best viewed in full-screen.

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