Mobile Satellite Communications – Principles and Trends (First Edition, 2001)



M. Richharia is an established technical author of repute and a highly experienced professional engineer holding in the past senior technical positions in International Mobile Satellite Organization and the Indian Space Research Organisation. He has lectured at Universities and various industrial courses internationally; published numerous technical papers; and authored two books on the subject. He was awarded the British Asian of the year award for Technology, 2003 by the Guild of British Asians for his contributions to this field. He is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the IET and IEEE. He is an independent consultant and the Managing Director of Knowledge Space Ltd.



This classic authoritative book in hard cover is an ideal introduction to the topical field of mobile satellite communications. Written by an expert, it is an ideal launching pad and a ‘must read’ for those interested in or associated with this technology.

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Book Description
First Edition (2001)
Author: M.Richharia
Publisher:Pearson Education, UK
ISBN 81-297-0025-5
Hard Cover

In recent years there is once again a surge in the interest for Mobile satellite communications. Several companies are now providing the high quality mobile services at affordable cost throughout the world. Recent global events such as Tsunami, military conflicts, insatiable media demands, remote office concepts, etc. in harmony with increased prosperity, huge strides in technology and increasingly ’mobile’ workforce has catapulted this part of satellite technology near the forefront. This book written by a professional who has contributed his bit and has been in close touch with the cutting edge provides an ideal framework for students, new entrants, practising engineer, technical managers, strategists to launch themselves into this field of satellite communications. The book covers:

  • System Architecture
  • Satellite constellations, including optimisation considerations
  • Radio link issues incorporating: modulation, coding and multiple access
  • Ground and space technology
  • Business planning models and methodology
  • Representative system examples
  • Trends

The book is supported by the author’s website which includes a more detailed description of the book, an errata list, solutions to problems, relevant software, e-mail address for direct communication with the author, etc. Please visit this site for further details:


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